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New graphical interface streamlines IQ Seven for new users

Posted in New Feature, News, Update by IQ Seven on May 08, 2018

An all new interactive graphical interface gives new users a fast streamlined experience as they start to use IQ Seven.

“The ‘Start Now’ personalization process to configure IQ Seven for a new user has been reduced to just 4 steps,” Richard Keeves explained. “It’s fast and simple to use, but behind the scenes, the AI platform is pretty darn clever.”

“If you are a new user, you now select the Primary Purpose of your website from a drop-down list, and tell the system your website URL.  You then select any other purposes of your website using graphical buttons rather than the previous check-boxes and slider controls.

“IQ Seven then shows you a sample of problems and improvements likely to be relevant to get better results for your  website.  You simply click the interactive .buttons to select the types of problems you want to fix and results to improve or increase.

“After this, you can go straight to your IQ Seven dashboard or run through a quick tutorial.  If you choose to save your profile, your website is added to the queue to get your free WebCheck7 Initial Review. This also creates your free 30 Day trial subscription.

“IQ Seven then gives you relevant and specific recommendations for action to drive better website results. It’s that easy.

“You can refine your profile at any time, prioritize your settings, add the Services you use, your Business Type and Location and connect your Google Analytics.

“IQ Seven sends you alerts for action with Warnings, Issues, Ideas and Opportunities to help you get on top of your website and get better results.  It’s Actionable Intelligence, and it works. “