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Richard Keeves

Major enhancements after User Experience Study feedback

Posted in New Feature, News, News Alert by Richard Keeves on December 12, 2018

“Streamline and Simplify”

Along with loads of positive feedback from website owners excited to use IQ Seven to improve their website, two important themes stood out to make IQ Seven better for small business website owners. “Streamline and simplify”.

We took it all on board, and made major enhancements to streamline and simplify the IQ Seven platform. These have just been released live this week.

1. Complete rebuild of the IQ Seven Dashboard and the Impact Map.
* Impact Map now displays Alerts in Result Areas, prioritised by the likely Impact on the website and results.
* Impact Map now split into stage-based sections to reduce overwhelm and help users be more organised.

2.  Recommended WebChecks and Auto Pilot
* Recommendation engine suggests the most relevant WebCheck to run next.
* Introduction of WebCheck Auto Pilot.
* Auto Pilot allows subscribers to have the AI engine automatically select and schedule the most relevant WebChecks.

3. Simplification of the Pricing and product offering
* There is now just 1 subscription plan, which includes almost everything.
* If you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy individual WebChecks as a ‘Pay As You Go’ customer.
* New 1 Month Trial for new users. (1 Month Trial for $1 which includes three WebChecks)

4. Introduction of guided Tours
Take Tour of IQ Seven

5. New Home Page interface

6. Revised and improved mobile & tablet interfaces

7. Long list of other minor improvements and some bug fixes.